Slow Cooker Mexican Quinoa

Throw all of the ingredients for this Healthy Slow Cooker NC Sweetpotato Mexican Quinoa into your slow cooker for an easy weeknight dinner that's plant-based and made with pantry staples! This vegan crock pot recipe is such a delicious and wholesome stay-at-home meal that will last you all week long! Incredible Mexican quinoa made in the slow cooker with tons of plant-based ingredients such as sweet potatoes and beans! Benefits of North Carolina Sweetpotatoes Get ready for one of the most delicious one-pot meals you will ever eat. This healthy slow cooker sweet potato Mexican quinoa is one of our favorite slow cooker recipes. It is made with protein-packed quinoa, beans, spices, and, the star of the show, NORTH CAROLINA SWEETPOTATOES. We are thrilled to be partnering with the today because sweet potatoes truly are a staple ingredient in our recipes. There is no shortage of on Fit Foodie Finds, and you will always find us using NC Sweetpotatoes! Did you know that North Carolina is the #1 producer of sweet taters in the nation? Here are a couple more reasons we love North Carolina sweetpotatoes→ * NC Sweetpotatoes have flavor like no other. Sweet, but slightly savory all at the same time. * The shelf life of NC sweetpotatoes are amazing! They last up to 2-4 weeks if stored in a cool, dark place. * NC Sweetpotatoes are easy to incorporate into delicious meals year-round! , , and even ! * NC Sweetpotatoes are a great ingredient to keep on hand at all times even if you are stuck at home! Whip up this savory Slow Cooker Mexican Quinoa for a pantry-staple meal that's also naturally vegan and gluten-free! The PERFECT Stay-At-Home Recipe North Carolina sweetpotatoes are the star ingredient of this healthy slow cooker Mexican quinoa recipe! It's a great recipe for weeknight dinners that's easy to make and nutrient-packed. Not to mention all you have to do is throw all of the ingredients into your slow cooker and let the magic happen! Pantry Staple Ingredients All of the ingredients in this recipe are shelf-stable, which is one of the reasons we love it so much! This can be the meal you make when "you don't have anything to make for dinner." Here's what you need: * NC sweetpotatoes * White quinoa * Black beans * Whole kernel corn * Crushed tomatoes * Green chilis * Vegetable broth * Red onion * Maple syrup Whip up this savory Slow Cooker Mexican Quinoa for a pantry-staple meal that's also naturally vegan and gluten-free! Easy to Cook After you have all of the ingredients prepped, rinsed, and ready to go, the rest is simple! You don't need any pots or pans and all you have to do is mix everything in your slow cooker, set it, and forget it. Ah, what a beautiful thing. We are big fans of this if you are on the market for one. Meal-Prep Friendly Recipe Not only is this recipe great for a weeknight dinner, but it is great for meal prep, too. There are a few different ways you can prepare this recipe! Weekly Meal Prep: Once the Mexican quinoa has fully cooked in the slow cooker, separate it out into your favorite for an easy grab-and-go meal that is already portioned out. Freezer Meal: If you are hoping to prepare a , this slow cooker sweet potato Mexican quinoa is an option! All you have to do is pour all of the ingredients into or and mix. Then, remove all of the air from the bag and seal. Label the bag with the date and place it in the freezer for up to 3 months. When you are ready to cook it, remove it from the freezer, let it thaw completely, and cook it as directed in the recipe. Make our Mexican quinoa recipe in the crockpot for a hands-off, easy meal that's gluten-free and vegan! More NC Sweetpotato Recipes Watch how to make this video! Vegan Crock Pot Recipes *This post is sponsored by the . We were compensated and all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting Fit Foodie Finds!*

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