Pretzel Bites

Pretzel Bites are the perfect after school snacks, game day appetizers, and popcorn replacement for movie nights. The outside of each pretzel is golden brown and chewy, while the inside is soft and fluffy. If you love easy and delicious bread appetizers that you can share, check out these , these , or this . Pretzel Bites are the perfect afterschool snacks, game day appetizers, and popcorn replacement for movie nights. The outside of each pretzel bites is golden brown and chewy, while the inside is soft and fluffy. Pretzel Bites Making soft pretzel bites at home is easier than you think. I use my easy dough in this recipe for super soft and tasty pretzel bites that will disappear as soon as you put them on the table. Ingredients you need for pretzel bites For the dough * Heavy cream -- I like to use heavy cream in my milk bread dough for added fat and the extra milky flavor. * Whole milk -- I prefer whole milk but 2% milk will also work in this recipe. * Sugar -- you'll need a little bit of sugar to activate the yeast and to add just a little bit of sweetness to the dough. * Active dry yeast -- the yeast will help the dough rise and make it fluffy. * Flour -- all-purpose flour or bread flour will work in this recipe. * Salt -- if you like saltier pretzels, you can add more salt, but it's probably not necessary since we will add coarse salt on top of the pretzel bites before baking. What is a lye solution? Traditionally, pretzels are dipped into a lye solution before baking to create that characteristic chewy pretzel crust. Lye is a strong alkali that can be dangerous if not handled properly, and it's probably not something most of us would have in our pantry. What is a substitute for lye solution? Baking soda and water is an easy substitute for lye solution and will yield similar results. Also, baking soda is something you probably already have at home or can readily find at the grocery store during your next shopping trip. How to make pretzel bites: 1. Activate the yeast in a warm mixture of cream, milk, and sugar. Be sure to keep the temperature of the mixture at or below 110°F so you don't kill the yeast. 2. Mix the yeast mixture with flour and salt. Form a ball and allow it to rise until at least double in size. 3. Divide the dough in 4 equal portions and roll into logs about 12" long. Cut each log into 12 pieces. This batch of dough makes about 4 dozen pretzel bites. 4. Boil pretzel bites in baking soda water and set them on a wire rack to allow excess water to drain off. 5. Transfer the pretzel bites on a lined baking sheet, brush with egg wash, sprinkle with coarse salt, and bake until golden brown. What to serve these pretzel bites with The most common way to serve pretzel bites is with a yellow mustard dip, but if you want to be adventurous, I recommend serving them with fancy dips like these: Storing pretzel bites These pretzel bites taste best fresh out of the oven on the day they are made, but leftovers will keep for 3 days at room temperature in an airtight container. More bite-size appetizers you'll love!

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