Fish cutlets in Vladivostok

Today we are preparing fish cutlets, which are not quite typical for fish cutlets.

The phrase "fish cutlets" in my mind causes a very prosaic Association: I remember the Soviet canteen and the cook at the distribution offers them to you at the end of lunch time, when everything else (read meat cutlets, fish with marinade and schnitzel) has already been sorted out. But no, not everything can be so trivial and such cutlets can be quite a festive dish.

The photo shows a very festive serving of cutlets-with red caviar:

But there are nuances: fish for such festive cutlets should be red and it is better to chop it with a sharp knife, and not pass through a meat grinder, because the meat grinder, as you know, pushes the fish through the net, thereby depriving it of its natural structure and juices.

Red fish is better to use noble varieties, and if there is no such, add something to it that will improve its modest taste qualities, for example, a little fat with streaks of meat or bacon.

Finally, we will prepare cutlets with a "filling": putting inside a small piece of flavored butter (which will need to be prepared in advance, the chef calls this oil "solid sauce"), you will thus provide the dish with a restaurant level of presentation and taste.

The last thing to remember: eggs do not spoil the taste of fish cutlets, only giving them a connection, unlike meat cutlets, in which eggs are not needed at all, but, with their number, you must not "overdo it", and then the cutlets will not be formed.

The name of the dish, "Cutlets in Vladivostok", gives as the primary source of the recipe a legendary dish of the Soviet period with the same name. We used to prepare the far Eastern wild catfish, but you can take any red fish: sockeye, chum, trout, salmon.

Our small nuance in cooking is that we put inside not ordinary butter or Russian butter, but flavored (in this case, fresh rosemary leaves were used). You can take thyme or dill leaves instead of rosemary, or even parsley, if you like: the oil not only softens the minced fish during baking, but also gives it an amazing flavor.

As you understand, we did not use any additives in the minced meat in the form of bread or vegetables, only the clean flesh of red fish and a little onion.

Recipe. Vladivostok cutlets


  • 800 gr fillet of red fish, skinned (catfish, sockeye, chum salmon, salmon, trout; it must be remembered that salmon and trout on sale are often sadkovye and very fat-wild fish of these species, more environmentally friendly and with less fat content, - you need to look for the sale specifically, it is usually far Eastern, and salmon can be Murmansk, but not all salmon from Murmansk wild), fish completely without a head

  • 200 gr onion, I have 1 large onion

  • 2 small eggs weighing 45 g (if the eggs are large-shake with a fork and separate 90 g)

  • 30 g ghee clarified butter

  • 50 g light breadcrumbs or bran (we have spelt bran)

  • ½H l salt

  • ½H l white pepper

Total: 1140 gr

For flavored oil:

  • 180 g of good quality natural butter, at least 82.5% fat content

  • 40 g fresh rosemary (can be replaced by weight with fresh thyme or 70 g parsley + 2 cloves of garlic)


  • sharp and wide knife (a chef's knife)

  • blender with bowl

  • food film

  • food paper

Preparation of flavored oil

1. Wash the greens, dry them, separate them from the twigs, and cut them not too small.

If you store the oil in the freezer, remove it at least 2 hours before cooking, so that it has time to soften slightly.

2. In the bowl of a blender, send the greens and diced butter.

Punch the contents in several stages: in the intervals, you need to open the bowl and clean the contents from the walls with a spatula, throwing them in the center of the bowl.

3. Put the finished oil on 5-6 layers of food film with an oblong roller, roll it into a tight roll, tie the film with a knot at the ends of the roll.

Put the finished roll in the freezer for at least 1 hour.

Frozen oil can be easily cut into washers weighing 20 g. A half of such a washer weighing about 10 gr is the filling for one cutlet (you can take more, 15 gr).

Cut off the oil can be immediately taken from the freezer, frozen, along with the film.

Cooking cutlets

1. Remove the fish fillets from the skin, check for bones -feel the fillets with your fingers, if you find them-be sure to remove them with tweezers.

Chop the flesh very fine with a sharp knife on a wooden Board: since the flesh of the fish is soft, this will not be difficult.

2. Peel the onion, cut it into a small cube and put it in a pan, adding water, half the oil, until caramelized, will remain by weight about 2/3 of the onion.

3. In a deep bowl, combine the chopped fish flesh, 2 eggs, stewed onion, salt and pepper. Knead the minced meat with your hands until smooth.

4. Shape the cutlets: sprinkle a small amount of bran or crackers on the cutting Board or work surface.

On the scales, separate a portion of minced meat weighing about 165 g. Put the minced meat on top of the bran and mash with the palm of your hand in an oval small layer.

In the middle of the layer, put a piece of flavored oil weighing 10 grams. Using a wide knife, cover the filling with the edge of the layer of minced meat from 2 sides, putting the knife under it, sprinkle the workpiece with bran and finish the cutlet with a knife and hands, giving it an oblong shape.

Repeat these manipulations until you have used up all the minced meat: you should get 6 cutlets. Place the blanks on a tray or baking tray.

The weight of the cutlets is approximate, depending on the exact weight of the minced meat (weigh the minced meat on the scales and divide it in your mind by the number of cutlets), you can make a cutlet weighing 150 gr -180 gr.

5. Heat the pan well for a few minutes, add the second half of the melted butter, turn down the heat a little: fry each cutlet for 30-40 seconds on each side.

Transfer the finished cutlets to a baking sheet covered with paper and place them in the preheated oven for 40 minutes for 20 minutes. at 180 deg C

Ready-made cutlets are served with leafy salad and steamed vegetables, vegetable salads.

Our dish will, in addition, be gluten-free, if you use BG crackers for forming.


Languishing onions:

RUB the flesh of catfish:

Knead the minced meat:

Rosemary-scented oil:

Forming cutlets:

Cutlets are ready for roasting and baking:

Cutlets after roasting and before baking:

Next - a few photos of how I made flavored oil from parsley and red Basil (Basil - not for fish, but for meat, it still has beetroot stalks).

Everything for red and green oil: IMG_0257.jpg

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