Thai Tom Yam soup

Tom-Yam is a rather exotic Asian dish, a sour-spicy soup made of shrimp and chicken, with coconut milk and spices. Cook the soup in small quantities, "for once". There are various variations of this dish, but the invariable component is the spicy Tom Yam paste.

Prepare the products for Thai Tom Yam soup. Wash the mushrooms, lemon and fillet. The prawns are already cooked. Peel the garlic cloves. Chicken fillet will put to cook immediately.

Prepare a spicy Tom-Yam paste. Cut the garlic into plates.

Fry the garlic plates for just a few seconds. Put them in a separate container.

Shinkuem hot chili peppers.

Also fry them in a small amount of vegetable oil for a couple of minutes.

Grate the lemon zest on a grater with the smallest links. And grate the peeled ginger root. Put the fried garlic plates in a saucepan with the chili pepper, add the lemon zest, add the crushed ginger, pour the lemon juice and sprinkle everything with sugar. We will simmer this mass for 3-5 minutes on a low heat.

The contents of the saucepan are carefully whipped with a blender. Tom-Yam paste is ready.

Cut the mushrooms into slices.

In a small saucepan, bring to a boil 400 ml of chicken broth (in which we have already managed to cook the chicken fillet) and add 400 ml of coconut milk to it. Add the prepared Tom Yam paste. The resulting mixture, bringing to a boil, cook for a couple of minutes. Then strain through a sieve to get a uniform structure. In the broth that we have strained, add the chopped mushrooms.

Cut the chicken meat into small pieces and also add to the soup after the mushrooms.

Immediately add the shrimp. Another two or three minutes cook the contents of the pan and our soup Tom-Yam is completely ready.

Pour the sour-spicy soup on the plates and start tasting. Bon Appetit!

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