Bunny Bread Recipe

This soft, fluffy bunny bread recipe is the perfect way to create a fun and festive addition to your Easter dinner. How to Make Soft Fluffy Bread The key to making bread soft and fluffy is making sure you knead it enough. Kneading your dough allows the ingredients to work together to build gluten which then helps create a texture that is airy and fluffy. Yeast loves sugar, but does not love salt. Make sure you give your least a little bit of sugar to help it grow, and then wait to add the salt until other ingredients have been mixed in with the yeast. What Ingredients Do you Need to Make Bread? This bread recipe uses basic ingredients: yeast, flour, sugar, water, oil, and salt. These are all baking stapes and are typically inexpensive, especially when bought in bulk which is why making your own bread at home can really save you money! How to Make Bunny Bread Shaping your bunnies is just a matter of a few twists! This recipe makes 10 small bunnies, or one large bunny. Follow these steps to create these adorable bunnies: 1. Fold the rope into a U shape. 2. Cross one side over the other loosely leaving a space towards the bottom of the rope for the tail. 3. Twist the top pieces under each other. 4. Place on a parchment lined baking sheet and rearrange the ears to make them look how you like. 5. Roll the piece of extra dough into a small ball and place into the bottom part of the bunny. More Easter Recipes Creating Easter traditions with food can be so fun and memorable for your kids. Here are some of our other favorites:

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